The premise of Bi-Biomics is the hypothesis that cells operate in a binary operating system where post-mitotic asymmetric cell pairs are spatially entangled and temporally entrained. This binary operating system has been observed across numerous disciplines and holds the potential to profoundly alter the framework for future research, specifically in terms of understanding the fundamentals of cancer cell behavior.

Results collected from experiments and subsequent ultralight microscopy image capture demonstrate that differences in chromatin density were visible and consistent with each experiment performed. Extensive studies across the eukaryotic kingdom, using tools such as high-resolution light microscopy and antibody targeting, generated the following conclusions:

1. Cells exist in pairs
2. Asymmetry in chromatin (epigenetic) exist in cells during mitosis and interphase
3. Cell pairs are spatially entangled and demonstrate asymmetrical expression
4. Cancer cell lines exhibit extreme variation in epigenetic chromatin

The main objective of Bi-Biomics is to instigate a massive re-examination of all elementary concepts in cellular biology predicated by the existence of two daughter phenotypes. The visual evidence in favor of daughter cell asymmetry has been captured at 1000x EM and is presented in the GALLERY section of this website.

Bi-biomics, the sister company to Ultralight Histology, is a non-profit research company dedicated to exploring the bleeding edge of structural biology. Using cellular detail unveiled by the proprietary Ultralight method, Bi-biomics has amassed significant visual evidence for the existence of daughter cell asymmetry.

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